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Life story
November 8, 1990
Born in Florida Jackson Memorial on November 8, 1990.
November 12, 2007
Passed away on November 12, 2007.
November 12, 2008
Written by: Jennifer Alvarez (Jonathan's Younger Sister)

Jonathan Alexander Alvarez. He was a loving son, brother, friend and more. Since my parents are separated he was the man of the house. He was always made sure I, no all of us were okay. Everyone loved him. Including his family, friends, and even those teachers he would annoy. He was always determined in what he did. If it was fixing up his bikes, getting up his game at basketball, or building things. He was always telling me what to do. He would randomly come into my room and jump on my bed all sweaty and just talk to me to see what was up. He hated when I had my door locked, he always wanted to know what I was up to. He would literally annoy me 24/7 but that was the daily routine. We would get into the most stupid fights almost every single day. I would have never imagined how different my life would be without him.
Now that he’s gone everything, I mean everything in my life is different. No more calls from Jonny asking where I was, what I’m doing, and who I was with. No more plain spaghetti that he would make the way I liked it. No more telling him to shut up if he would talk to his girlfriend on the phone at night. No more arguing about stupid things. No more telling me what to do. No more late night random talks with my brother. There’s a whole list. It really sucks that now I won’t see him smile when I graduate high school. Now he can’t be there when I become successful, when I get married. I would always imagine him being that fun, crazy uncle that would take my kids everywhere and teach them things I couldn’t. I never got to get in a car when he was driving.                                                

My brother Jonathan well Jonny, taught me so many things, how to ride a bike, how to swim, how to play basketball. That was the best thing to do together. My love for basketball grew because of him. We would play one-on-one and of course I never won. Not only am I affected so much by the loss of Jonathan but so are so many people. He had many friends and even more acquaintances.  His best of friends knew him since little kids, they were supposed to party together when they turned eighteen.
Now when I get home after school I’m reminded that he’s gone because he’s not there when I get home. We were supposed to grow out of the stage of fighting all the time and watch each as we get older watching out for each other. He was older than me but I also watched over him as he did for me. I would tell him if his girlfriend wasn’t a good one or if I didn’t approve of a friend. Now, only I can talk to him but he can’t talk back. It really hurts. And never will my life ever be the same. No never will be anyone’s life be the same who loved Jonathan Alvarez.